The Brand
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Enissa, embodies the modern, passionate and risk-taking woman who is in-charge of her life and her decisions. She exudes confidence, is aware and health-conscious. Enissa has been crafted milligram by milligram with great attention to detail just like it’s symbol. Enissa is neither a cosmetic nor a pharmaceutical product. It is a harmonious marriage between technology and nature. Enissa is an indulgence with the most efficacious active ingredients unleashing the regenerative powers of microalgae. Enissa is a novel skincare experience.



All ENISSA products are formulated exclusively from natural ingredients of high quality.
One of ENISSA ‘s ambitions was to replace the synthetic components which can be irritating to the skin by equally effective natural products.
ENISSA formulae are free from paraben, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes, dyes, mineral oils or elements from the petrochemical industry such as paraffin, silicone or PEG.



As a mark of respect towards the skin of every women and the environment, ENISSA has developed alternatives to polluting solvents for the extraction of phytoactives from the microalgae and synthetic additives that are typically used to ensure the effectiveness of such creams.



Blue-green microalgae are the oldest living oxygen-producing organisms known on Earth. Not only did they make life possible on earth but they have also been thriving in the harshest conditions. This makes them a source of the most exceptional anti-UV and cell renewal properties. They are abundantly rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-carotene, essential fatty acids such as omega-6, and phytoactives such as proteins, minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium), vitamin K. With its long-standing expertise in microalgae, ENISSA concentrates these exceptional regenerative powers of microalgae, especially Spirulina in its premier range.


Hajer Artigue has worked extensively on microalgae since the beginning of her career. She perceived the tremendous potential in these microsystems very early. In 2014, Hajer created ALGOBIOTECH, a biotechnology company specialising in developing assets from microalgae. ALGOBIOTECH succeeded in lifting the technical locks associated with the use of microalgae extracts in cosmetic formulations.
Originating from this patented technology, ENISSA – a luxury skincare line was born in 2017. A modern yet natural, high-performing personalized skincare range that unveils the exceptional regenerative powers of microalgae.
The powerful alliance created between invisible nature and biotechnology is an evidence of her genuine quest for healthy beauty.



By overcoming the technical challenges associated with the use of microalgae extracts in cosmetic formulations, the ENISSA range of natural care unveils the exceptional powers of cellular regeneration. ENISSA offers the best in biotechnology and nature by combining the powerful active ingredients of microalgae with botanical extracts carefully selected for their performance, offering luxurious textures with elegant sensorial qualities. With a key tenet in mind: the formulations are always based on the active ingredients.



The extraction of active ingredients from microalgae follows a patented process in order to guarantee their purity and optimal efficiency. The botanical extracts associated with the precious algal active ingredients have been selected based on their complementarity of action to target all the processes causing the aging of the skin.
The synergistic combination of these assets makes each ENISSA product a unique alliance, between nature and high-tech science, to meet the needs of each type of skin.